How to Train Your Loli

author: anon
author: anon

Lolis are cute and curious creatures. If you own or recently got one, it can be a challenging task to take care of her. This guide aims to teach you every step needed in order to properly train your loli and care for her.

1. Do not be afraid of approaching her

Being afraid of direct contact with your loli is the worst thing you can possibly do. This will make her feel uncomfortable in the home ambient, which might lead to your loli becoming insecure and disoriented.

2. Give her lots of smoochies and hugs

After getting over your fear of direct contact, it is important to give her lots of kisses. She might see it as uncomfortable at first, but your love will eventually get through and this will make her understand just how much you care about her.

Eventually she will start hugging you back. Make sure you accept her love with care.

3. Check for smellies

It’s important to check for any smells in your loli from time to time, as bad smells might reduce her self-esteem. You can start by checking for any odors in her armpits.

Be careful not to overdo it. Excessively smelling your loli can cause her to become conscious of her smell.

If you’ve developed a strong desire to smell your loli and cannot contain yourself, consider getting a small plushie with the fragrance of your loli and smelling that instead.

4. Bathe your loli

If your loli smells then it’s important to give her a bath. She might not be willing to get into the bath. If that’s the case, you have to carry her to the bathing room. To carry her properly, grab her by the stomatch and gently lift her up.

Once inside the bath, undress her and wash her thoroughly. You might get a strong desire to smell her undressed self, but do try to show some restraint.

Once the bath is finished, do not re-use the smelly clothes! Make sure to dress her with a clean set of clothes.

5. Play with your loli

It’s important to console your loli when she feels sad. You can start by hugging her from behind to assure her that you’ll always be there for her.

If your loli is feeling down, playing with her will improve her mood. You can try several things. For example tickling her tummy will bring laughs and make the sadness go away.

Another thing you can try is teasing her ears. Be aware that this sort of activity mau cause a different type of reaction if your loli has high sensitivity.

6. Kiss your loli

If your loli is locking hands with you, that means she wants your attention. It’s important to respond properly to her feelings when that happens.

Start by gently kissing her on the lips. This will assure your loli of how much you love her.

Your loli might get excited and start hugging you during the kiss. Make sure to keep responding to her love by hugging her back.

If that is still not enough and your loli wants more, you can try undressing your loli and giving her kisses in the bed. This will make her feel extremely loved and satisfied.

7. Avoid showing her explicit online content

You might be tempted to show her your peculiar fetishes, but avoid doing so if possible. Your loli might get overloaded and feel uncomfortable when exposed to such content, and she might even give you odd looks. Even worse, the overload can led her to develop the loli fever.

8. How to treat loli fever

If your loli develops loli fever, then it must be treated as quickly as possible. To treat the loli fever, you must french kiss your loli. You can start by sticking out your tongue and getting inside of your loli’s mouth. Make sure not to miss any corners of her mouth, else the loli fever might persist.

9. Make her socialize with other lolis

Socialization can improve your loli’s well being. If your neighbour has a loli, then arrange for the two of them to play together from time to time.

10. Enjoy life with your loli!

This concludes our tutorial series on how to train your loli. Make sure to keep her happy and well fed. Take care!