Rules and Privacy Info


  1. Don’t post real children or engadge with rooms with real children being posted. Do not test me on this.
  2. While I support free speech, I will not tolerate people using my services to organize spam or harassment.
  3. Anti lolicons are subject to ban. lol.
  4. You agree by using my site that you’re over 18 (legal age in US), consent to me collecting your data (like, I need to have data in order for you to be able to use this) and any other legal jargon I need to put here to be free of liability under the many laws of the world.
  5. Don’t give me a reason to write more rules.



  • Your one on one Matrix chats are end to end encrypted by default. I couldn’t read them even if I wanted to.
  • We do not share user information or use any kind of analytics collecting.

Be aware that

  • No IPs or sensitive logs are stored on the public facing server, meaning if the server is taken down, no important data will be compromised.
  • Posts made in public Matrix rooms should be considered publicly associated with your chosen username. Rooms are federated, meaning they may be mirrored on other servers as well. Though, deleting your posts may delete on other servers, there is no guarantee.
  • A valid E-mail address is required when signing up.
  • You may delete your account at any time, which will remove ALL information associated with your account, except for posts associated with your username. You may optionally chose to hide your messages to new users who were not in the rooms when you sent them. See this