Rules and Privacy Info wants to maintain a friendly community for lolicons, artists, and general otaku/weeb culture without worrying about more taboo subjects or illegal activity. All can join, as long as they respect these rules.


  1. No posting of real children whatsoever, I have a low tolerance for anything relating to this, so its best not to test it.
  • No posting ANY pictures of children server wide, memes you could show a cashier employee are ok, but anything else is ban.
  • Hyper realistic AI could be considered CP under US law, and is not allowed.
  • Talking about kids is discouraged, you will be banned from the cutefunny space or worse.
  • No rooms for pedo discussion in the room directory or with a cutefunny id.
  • Token for registering is “flatchestpowered” no quotes.
  • Any suggestive nicknames, messages, or otherwise about cp should be reported and are subject to ban server wide.
  1. No using the server for griefing, organized harassment, or spam.
  • This often manifests in what is known as schizo behavior and is subject to ban.
  1. Anti lolicons are subject to ban. lol.
  2. Advertising your stuff is generally ok.
  • I have people ask me if they can advertise their hentai room they made or their fanbox. If it is loli related it is definitely ok, but make sure not to spam or be annoying.
  1. You must be 18 to register, which is legal age in the US. You must consent that I am collecting all of your data and I’m not liable for anything, even though data and privacy are very important to me.
  2. Don’t give me a reason to write more rules.
  • Any rule that doesn’t fall under other rules, falls under this rule.

If you see these rules being broken, you can select the message press the “report” button with details (only if you are a account haver), or send a message in



  • Your one on one Matrix chats are end to end encrypted by default. I couldn’t read them even if I wanted to.
  • We do not share user information or use any kind of analytics collecting.
  • We have taken several precautions with server and domain purchases as well as the routes the traffic travels to protect our users.

Be aware that

  • Posts made in public Matrix rooms should be considered publicly associated with your chosen username. Rooms are federated, meaning they may be mirrored on other servers as well. Though, deleting your posts may delete on other servers, there is no guarantee.
  • You may delete your account at any time, which will remove ALL information associated with your account, except for posts associated with your username. You may optionally chose to hide your messages to new users who were not in the rooms when you sent them. See this